Help Desk Analyst

This is what I do in reality.

by flipynif1
Ring ring ring ring || The life of a tech
Good Morning tech need help setting up your internet connection? Ok...we can do that... what version of windows do you use....95, 98 AND XP, at the same time! Wow Maam! seriously, go to My Computer right, you don't have to see MY computer, see that icon on your desktop? Yeah ok now right click on my computer, no you don't have to come here
Good Morning tech support..OK you are not getting emails, are you gettin an error message? Ok, please don't swear I am not trying to be condecending, does an error message popup when you connect?
Ok, now right click on the ICON on YOUR desktop marked my computer...NO YOU DON"T HAVE TO SEE MY COMPUTER WE ARE WORKING ON YOUR COMPUTER!! Let's assume you are using XP...go to the start button.. the internet, Ok you do need to connect to the internet to get your emails....No, you pay for the internet connection, not for me to bring them to your house...
The start button, bottom right of the screen, NO not your TV, no this isn't a race, ok go to start and left click once....ok, only once, no, that was quite a few time, only once, NO ONLY ONCE!!!

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