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eHarmony Video Personals #655420
Hi. I'm Monkey. I'm not really searching for love, or at least the "Hallmark card" kind of love.
More like the "too embarrassed to tell your friends, what the hell did I just do, I need to go to the clinic to get checked out" kind of love.
I'm recently out of a relationship with a woman who wanted more barnyard sex than I was comfortable with, which is saying a lot.
A little bit about me. After being excommunicated from the church, I became a boyscout leader and then an ice cream man when that didn't pan out.
The perfect mate for me is someone who is open-minded, willing to experiment, flexible, and not fat.
So if you think you can handle a "walk on the wild side," or are just sickly twisted and perverted, you can reach me at 655420
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