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Thank you for calling customer service. My name is Henry.
Bull****! You're name's not Henry. You're accent is way to thick to be named Henry.
My name is Henry. How may I be of assisiting you?
I need to check my account.
Needig to just verify your email.
It's at sbcglobal dot net. That's S as in sand. B as in Bollywood. C as in camel...
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Real Life Vol 2

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Makin_d_bacon says:

Your turban is wound pretty tight today, I see!
posted Apr 6th, 2018 ( permalink )

Moturd says:

I've never understood where this is. The left looks like a living room but the right side... what is that? A basement? A sidewalk? A steam pipe filled power plant with an interior wrought iron fence?
posted Apr 6th, 2018 ( permalink )

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