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by gabe_billings
Gabba gabba hey! We're gonna rock the night away!
What are we doing here anyway, wirthling? All the chicks are scuds and I hate costume parties. I look like an idiot.
Quit your *****ing, Obi. I had a cooler costume, but you didn't want to pair up and go as a donkey.
That's because you were so excited about going as the back end.
Don't be such a prude. No need to be afraid jus 'cause I'm a little smitten. Once you take a ride on the wirthling love rocket, you'll be dying to switch sides.
If I ever take a ride on the wirthling love rocket I'll follow it with a gasoline chaser and spend the rest of the night trying to swallow lit matches.
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Wirthling Sucks

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