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by gabe_billings
***bot vs dorkbot in a battle to the death
you suck dorkbot. when i get done with you there wont be enough left of you to make an ashtray!!!
DEATH RAY ON!!! phear /\/\y l337 5k1llz f@99it!
CUT! You have to be ****ing kidding me. Where the hell is Raoul? And somebody get me a ****ing Evian.
Who wrote this ****? An eight year old retard on speed? Give me a ****ing break. And why do these prop *******s keep changing the backdrops in the middle of the ****ing scenes?
Chill, babe. It's cool. This is the new thing in comics these days. This stuff is hip. I mean cutting edge. Anything that makes sense is so yesterday. Now put on the donkey suit and let's go.
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