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Just like with Elvis, stardom & Monty Cristos ruined both Captain Marvel and Bobby Fischer.

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by graykane
In this week's news of the weird, local hippie Sky Ima*** Rainbow temporarily closed his organic market & reopened to sell specifically the eggs that appear to be hatching.
That's right, John. It seems that the word "fertilized" should have appeared in more than the home garden section.
Thank you for the lame pun, Cindy. Realizing the mistake, Sky reopened his store under the name God's Lonely Eggs in an effort to find the future chicks a good home.
If you're looking for chicks, then Sky's the limit at God's Lonely Eggs.
God's Lonely Eggs? That sounds like your ovaries, Cindy. What are you, 38? No wonder you jumped at the "Let's Hang the Fertilized Sign Over Here" joke.
After CRACKING that one, you won't have access to MY EGGS, & whether or not you go to Sky's store, I doubt you'll be getting any CHICKS without having to pay. Speaking of Sky, let's go to the weather.
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