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Just like with Elvis, stardom & Monty Cristos ruined both Captain Marvel and Bobby Fischer.

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by graykane
Since each word in the dictionary went public, until today stock in the word "*****rdly" has steadily declined since its Initial Public Offering. Standing with me is the new CEO of Niggardly, Jim Quin
Yes. Thanks for having me, Phil. Strangely enough, this Scandinavian word somehow became wrongly associated with a racial slur. Yet, in English the word appears even before the Wycliffe Bible of 1384.
Very interesting, Mr. Quin. So, the word has no affiliation with any racial slur?
Gosh no. The Old Norse "hnøgger" meaning "stingy" couldn't even be applied to another race due to the lack of racial diversity. Today it gets confused with another word taken from the French "nègre.
The publicly traded company Niggardly hires Jim Quin to save its image's integrity. If you're an investor, can you say, "'Niggardly' In Good Graces, Early Returns"? Now back to you, John.
Yo, Quin. What's up with the threads? You's a Niggardly ****** in more ways than one tonight, my man.
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