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Just like with Elvis, stardom & Monty Cristos ruined both Captain Marvel and Bobby Fischer.

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by graykane
I can't even say it. I'm going to have to give you the lead chair for this one.
A new study identifies greasy rectums in mean youths. The University of Indiana compiled random samples from a 150 youths living in trailers in the woods only to discover that
Cindy takes the lead chair from John
100% of those with criminal records had greasy rectums. Scientists believe that the aggressive youths tend to tense up more than nonviolent youths, thereby creating a greasy discharge.
I've been smelling aggression from you all these years and had no idea.
Cindy returns the lead chair to John
Thank you, Cindy. At times like these, I'm grateful for your expertise. And now, time for the winning lottery numbers. Cindy, go ahead & lift your skirt & shoot out the pingpong balls.
The first winning lottery number is...
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