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Thanks to all of you who sent me sluffed skin cells! I'm pleased to report that my farts are smelling good again.

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by iconoclastic
I've come all the way from the Great U.S.ofA. to take home the body of an American Hero. I hear he's in a cave somewhere.
Yes Mr. Sam, I can take you there.
What? There's no body, just his guts on the wall?
Yes Mr. Sam, but he died defending his unit, who all escaped to safety.
Listen now, just between you and me, I came for a body in a bag, not to sc**** no guts off a cave wall. Mrs. Sam wouldn't like that. Mission aborted. Back to the airport, chop chop!!!
Chop chop?!! WTF? He don't know China's ******* from a cave in Afghanistan!
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