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habnem = menbah = il_schmucko. Sorry 'bout all that.

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by il_schmucko
Why the hell am I sitting here forcing myself to come up with enough dialogue to overfill the frame? Isn't there something else I should be doing?
Make love to me, Joel. For the love of God, please--I shouldn't have to beg for sex. I'm an attractive woman! You should be throwing yourself on me! Am I even here?
I could be out riding a bike or swimming at the pool, catching up with old high school friends, learning a foreign language--anything.
I mean, come on, it's been days since the last time we had sex. Maybe weeks. Don't you find me desirable anymore? I mean, look at my tits! They're ****ing scrumptious!
But no... the dog's been walked, the trash is out. I just feel like there's something more productive than typing dialogue... but nothing comes to mind.
Jesus, man. I'll even do that thing where I lick peanut butter off the bottom of your shaft while you stick a zucchini in my *******. Just show me you love me!
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