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Welcome to LOLFG. *Update* 11/06/2009 - I've decided to steer away from being fixated on one game, and have decided to try and broaden my themes a bit more. These comics are inspired by my nerdy side. Many of these comics are referenced to video games, current events, and a random twist. If you aren't into gaming, chances are you won't get some of these. LF Nerdy readers!
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by jayo_27
Even the most honorable can give in...
Hey Chen, what do you think of my Chinese gold farmer costume?
You're not actually wearing that to tonight's costume office party are you, Melvin? That's racist.
No it isn't, it's the truth. The gold farmers are Chinese. If they were light saber weilding cyborg chickens, I'd wear that.
You just don't get it. It's insulting to the years of turmoil and social strife my people have gone through to be accepted in a multicultural society. I won't stand by and allow you to reverse that!
Herro, you bai cheap wow golds? Only $10.00 USD for 500 gold, and $20.00 USD for 1,000 golds.
Do you accept Paypal?
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