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Welcome to LOLFG. *Update* 11/06/2009 - I've decided to steer away from being fixated on one game, and have decided to try and broaden my themes a bit more. These comics are inspired by my nerdy side. Many of these comics are referenced to video games, current events, and a random twist. If you aren't into gaming, chances are you won't get some of these. LF Nerdy readers!
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by jayo_27
Zombies, who'd have thought it? I always thought it was a Hollywood thing. I guess we're living in the end of days after all.
Well actually they aren't zombies...They're actually Green Peace protesters I sprayed with port-o-potty fluids, while shouting your name. Seemed like a good idea at the time.
You what?! Gilroy, they're going to fricken kill me now!
Awe, come on, Chen. It's not that bad really.
You sprayed people with Diarrhea water from a portable public toilet, then shouted my name! How could it not be THAT BAD?!
Well, I still have some tic tacs. Want one?
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