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Welcome to LOLFG. *Update* 11/06/2009 - I've decided to steer away from being fixated on one game, and have decided to try and broaden my themes a bit more. These comics are inspired by my nerdy side. Many of these comics are referenced to video games, current events, and a random twist. If you aren't into gaming, chances are you won't get some of these. LF Nerdy readers!
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by jayo_27
What's up Dave, how did your police officer exam go?
Well it was going along great until...until the terroist showed up.
Whoa! A terrorist attack at a place like that?! What happened, what did you do?!
I did the only thing a man of this fine country and aspiring future officer would do...I pepper sprayed, tazed, and unloaded an entire clip on that bastard.
Isn't that a bit excessive, even for that situation?
That's what they said...But I swear those boxes of girl scout cookies looked like explosives!
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