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Dance for me, little monkey; pun for me, my precious.

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by kaufman
Herein lies a tale of John and Paul, and George and Richard, they had it all. Top of the charts. top of the world, until their doom upon them hurled.
We meet them now that fateful day, two young teens who want to play.
Verily thou lookest loverly with thine top of mopness.
Aye, and I can say the same about you. Perchance seekest thou a troubador of the sinistral orientation, who can reach the lowest of the low?
With a smidgen of assistance from my friends get I low, alas, yon Stuart diveth for our deep notes.
Prithee drivest Stuart off yon sutte cliff, for from here on out thou shalt let it be, all thine bass are belong to me.
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this comic belongs to set
William Shakespeare's Four Gentlemen of Liverpool

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