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Dance for me, little monkey; pun for me, my precious.

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by kaufman
Help me, Dr. Pedantic -- I don't know how to put everything together in Photoshop. I won't be able to enter the contest.
Nonsense, we'll just tell the audience how to put it together. Maybe Spankling will even assemble it for you.
Take the strip below; paste the desc and gabe images in wirthling's third panel into the 1st and 3rd panels.
In panel 2, paste in the image found at http://www.emis-online.com/webpils/CONTENTS/..%5CDIAGRAMS%5CI15M.HTM, scaled to fit of course.
Laugh heartily, and email the judge about how this deserves to win.
Cancel that -- Spam is BAAAAD!
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