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Dance for me, little monkey; pun for me, my precious.

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by kaufman
C! F! A! E! Cherry Flavored Anal Eeze is for me! Honey, Nectar, Wax and Pollen, none but cherry on my colon! Anal Eeze, Pretty please, YAAAAYYY!
Hey little cheerleader, you've got to help me. Brad's collection goons are trying to shake me down.
2! 4! 6! 8! You should finance stripcreate! Duchess, Countess, Lady, Dame! Tag of choice goes by your name!
You mean if I send Brad $20, my forum posts will no longer be labeled "Always plays with his nuts," and can instead be something less personal?
It's available? Oh, thank you, Goddess, thank you!
Not a problem. Let's see what's next on my agenda ... Oh yeah, wirthling wants a body. Any ideas whose I should use?
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