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Dance for me, little monkey; pun for me, my precious.

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by kaufman
Onboard TWA 1225: North Pole to LAX
So where are you headed now that the deliveries are over, Prancer?
Oh, I've got a sweet little dotcom startup in the Valley to manage. And where are you headed, Rudy?
Hollywood. I'll be co-starring with Mary Poppins in a remake of that 1995 Playgirl mockumentary. And it all has to be finished in 6 days!
You're putting me on again. Just like when you said your nose could concentrate a laser beam. No way is that true.
It is so true. Look at this Time magazine: RUDOLPH, JULIE ANDREWS IN 2001'S MAN OF THE YEAR
*sigh* I keep telling you to take that remedial reading course. If you did, you might quit calling the Big Guy Satan.
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