Kieffer's Liberation Front

This comic is based on the travails of the KLF (Kieffer's Liberation Front), a band of adventurers currently following along the Dungeons & Dragons' Shackled City Adventure path set in the Forgotten Realms.

by kleinksw
DM: A creature, which we'll call a "Bodak" begins moving toward the group. Roll initiative lads. The group rolls: Khosk 20, Drah 18, Brux 17, Kalb 16 & Kieffer 1. Khosk & Drah, you're up.
I disappear into Drah's whip-dagger. Pssst... Drah... Don't forget you can summon a powerful Water Elemental out of your dagger now.
I cast invisibility on myself, move back 30 ft, and next round I begin drumming.
DM: Brux and Kalb, your turns. What do you do? ... ... ... ... Kalb... KALB! ... WAKE UP! IT'S YOUR TURN!
I pull out my wand, cast invisibility on myself, and close my eyes.
*wakes up* Uh... *blink blink* Okay... I charge in… Wait… what the...!!?? Where the blazes did everyone go?
DM: The "Bodak" moves within 30' of Kief & Kalb gazing upon them... Will saves boys.
Umm... 1 and Kalb's die of awesomeness... a 1, too. Guess those are auto-fails?
DM: Indeed... Dead & Dead. Sorry Kief. Chalk that up to cruddy dice, invisible metagamers and Mr. Sleepy.

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