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by kramer_vs_kramer
Seriously, Abe, you're going to have to practise lying if you want to get back with your wife. You do want that, don't you?
Oh yes. I love my wife very much. She's funny, and a great cook, and she does all the housework and the tax returns.
... and she does this thing where she ties her hair up and lies on her front, and it's almost like making love to a small boy.
Okay. You're taking the "Honest Abe" thing a bit too far.
Sometimes she lets me call her "Gerald".
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Zimri says:

This is the best comic I never read
posted Dec 1st, 2006 ( permalink )

four_legged_tripod says:

Reading this comic from the third panel to the first panel makes it appear that everything Abe says about loving his wife and the things she does around the house is him practicing lying.
posted Nov 17th, 2014 ( permalink )

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