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Cut me up and pass me around. Like a pizza.

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Neo & CSMann have a fight in front of a bomb while CSMannnn nails a nail into his gh3y head. Reminds me of the time my father put a nail in my head for not letting his friend taste my pee-spout
[K£WL]Neo: H3h n00b U iz t3h gh3y3st I r0x0r & U sUxxx0r!!!!!!1! /.*/
[PkA]CSMannn: N0 U suxxx0rs g0@ts U r g43y3st m3h iz l33t YOU IS A TK1NG F4G WITH WALLHAX0RS I 0wnz3rs U wit M3H CS skillz0rs I h@v0r a n@1L in meh h3@d l@mezzz
Neo is half a dolphin and CSMan is on fire. My father set me on fire once for refusing to touch him in his "special place". I learned soon after to that to swallow his juice all up like a good boy.
[K£WL]Neo: H3H BURN J000 F4GG0R I IS l33t ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!1!! WTF I AM A d0Lph1n wer is m3h ass. j000 st0le it j00 gh3yl0rd w000000000000t
[PkA]CSMannn: AAAAAAAAAAAAA I is on f1r3 you fagg0r.
Neo is an alien with a gun and CSMann is now jesus. Jesus talks to me sometimes. He comes into my room at night and tells me to keep his big stick safe in my botty . He looks like my dad.
[K£WL]Neo: M3h w3@pon OWNZ0rs J00000. J00 suxx0rs c0ckzzzez bizn@zzzz LOLOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLROFLROFLLOLOLOL!!!!1!!!!!!!!1!!
[PkA]CSMannn: WTF I AM JESUS. LIMP BIZKIT! LIMP BIZKT! ROLLIN ROLLIN ROLIIN ROLLIN. J000 mh@de meh Jesus j00 gh3yest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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