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Ever just take a moment out of your day and thought about how grateful you were for your legs? Even if they don't work it's better than just having stumps. I left for awhile. Some might call it sour grapes, some might call it a banning. I call it a time of reflection. I'm sorry I didn't come back sooner. I'd like to take a moment of silence to remember the legacy I've left behind. Uh-oh... Sounds like somebodies got a bad case of the Mondays! Hi! I'm Bard Storch. I'm currently sitting in a chair typing. I enjoy the great outdooors, the great national parks of the world, wikipedia and the internet. I also enjoy most college sports, but not college baseball. I get a little sloppy. Please don't be offended. P.S. If you're thinking of writing a book about me. Don't.
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by lildeucecoup
Hitler! Zis is your mothaz! What are you doing in there? Touching yourself?
Mother, I'm knee deep in putting together an auction to raise money for awesome "Barnstorming 2K12" letterman jackets. I have Brad's kidney.
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