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*bored, bored, bored* I cant think. My life could be a comic but then again its not....oh to be a cat...well nap time

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by lilywiththorns
Suposedly from a ape we get maga years later Leon
Less hair....more height...but still not much of a difference
I'm stuck in this dumb strip again....what the hells wrong with this picture.
Heart to heart talk between the Creater and Leon
Leon you are getting to be too much a pain is it to much to ask you just to come in a few panels and just stand...maybe even say something a little funny.. Work with me here I'm doing the best i can
You dragged me outta bed and the best you can do is a talking tv. Sheesh you are getting desperate just to get something down aren't you
Darwin was wrong.
You give me this crap well ape boy...guess what you're evolving into next
Great a bunny so original. I really hate you you know... Zoe wont be to pleased having a bunny for a boyfriend.
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