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*bored, bored, bored* I cant think. My life could be a comic but then again its not....oh to be a cat...well nap time

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by lilywiththorns
Returning home to be with his love (in his new form).
You ****ed Her off again didnt you?
You know I asked Her to think about what causes this acton would have on you but nooo she would listen....just said I was being selfish.
Zoe surprising comes to grip with this new change
Well you know i kinda like you like this. True its more hair but at lest you look more I will only have to change your change twice a week, hmmm i guess it does work out for the best
You are not putting me in a cage...I am not going to stay like this.....If you need me I will be in my room
Loen learns humility
You've done good. Besides I figure since its rabbit hunting sesson and real lucky rabbits feet are always in voge I'll turn you back.
This isnt what I had in mind when you said you would turn me back
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