Dr. Lawson: Advice Columnist

The humourous adventures of Dr. Lawson, an advice columnist who would rather tell the truth than be nice.

by little_kitty
Dear Dr. Lawson, I have a distinct feeling that my girlfriend is cheating on me with another woman. What should I do?
Tell her and her lover to meet me at Toad's Head Pub. I'll bring the condoms if they bring the lube.
Dear Dr. Lawson, My mother-in-law has been living with us for the past few months and she's driving me crazy. What can I do?
Touch of southern comfort in her evening glass of milk. She'll pass out and forget all about you.
Dear Dr. Lawson, I have a big party coming up and I can't find anything to wear to it, what do you suggest?
You're writing to the wrong columnist. I'll send this off to "Ask a gay man anything" for you.

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Dr. Lawson: Advice Columnist

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