Dr. Lawson: Advice Columnist

The humourous adventures of Dr. Lawson, an advice columnist who would rather tell the truth than be nice.

by little_kitty
Dear Dr. Lawson, My boyfriend and I have been having problems in the bedroom lately. He's not into me the way he used to be. What can I do?
Charge him $80 a visit and talk with an Eastern European accent. He'll think he's at a seedy brothel!
Dear Dr. Lawson, I'm having trouble at work, and my boss is really getting on my ass about it. What can I do?
Set fire to your boss's car, you're going to be made redundant anyway!
Dear Dr. Lawson, My last year has been complete and utter shite, and I feel like killing myself. What should I do?
Explosives. Less painful.

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Dr. Lawson: Advice Columnist

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