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Ok. I'm not so new anymore. Still don't be too harsh. I is teh winnar on BTC 14. Yay. I got honorable mention in CC180 and CC251. Counts for something, right? And here's my B-list awards (one day I'll win the big one): FTC31: Most Ironic Award FTC32: Truth award & Aaaauuh FTC33: Most Ironic & Psychic FTC34: TOBOR & Ick FTC39: TOBOR & Use of Cliches FTC41: Bronze & Silver Crabby says for CC241: "Very well done series. My favorite line was the "Too Italian" line. Very good stuff!" For being good stuff, I didn't win. Oh well. Whoever voted for me...thanks!
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by maddog00
We want you to do an expose on this march tonight.
I'm on that like fire on a burning cross on a darkie's lawn.
I don't think that's a smart thing to say here.
The Million Man March
I think we'd better be on yo' ass like a riot in LA.
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