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Ok. I'm not so new anymore. Still don't be too harsh. I is teh winnar on BTC 14. Yay. I got honorable mention in CC180 and CC251. Counts for something, right? And here's my B-list awards (one day I'll win the big one): FTC31: Most Ironic Award FTC32: Truth award & Aaaauuh FTC33: Most Ironic & Psychic FTC34: TOBOR & Ick FTC39: TOBOR & Use of Cliches FTC41: Bronze & Silver Crabby says for CC241: "Very well done series. My favorite line was the "Too Italian" line. Very good stuff!" For being good stuff, I didn't win. Oh well. Whoever voted for me...thanks!
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by maddog00
At the funeral
I thank you all for coming out.
An e-mail list went around to find those that could share their thoughts in our loss. Here is our first speaker.
Did you know our species is the only one that passes its belongings on to its young at death? I guess that proves the saying, "To heir is human."
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