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by mandingo
Three hikers slipped off a mountain cliff today, plummetting 80 feet to the basin below.
Two of them died on impact while the third miraculously willed himself to evolve wings and flew away.
No, I'm just fucking with you. That one died too.
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comments on this comic


mandingo says:

this author possesses a refreshing perspective on current issues facing our generation and does so with social conscoius. really just comedy of the finest sort. kudos, dear man, kudos!
posted Feb 23rd, 2006 ( permalink )

Twi_prime says:

Maestro, I say, BraVO!!
posted Feb 23rd, 2006 ( permalink )

LuckyGuess says:

Magikarp evolves into Gyrados at level 20.
posted Jun 7th, 2006 ( permalink )

crackpanther says:

So if this comic isn't rated a 10, does that mean some tool downvoted it? Is THAT how it works?
posted Nov 21st, 2006 ( permalink )

Hatrix says:

Stop hogging all the hilarity!
posted Dec 27th, 2006 ( permalink )

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