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Registered:June 11, 2005
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a comic for..., Adventure in Time, Alex Trebek's mustache, at the playground, Birth of the Aids Monkey, Bug and Bug, corndog, cup of sugar, Dr. Jones and me, farmy, fatherhood, fed ex driver?, foiled!, I'M ABE VIGODA, BITCH!, Joe, the duck that says interstitial, mexicans and bicycles, Mr. Optimism, mysterious stranger, Oh, Donna, one little, two little, three little indians!, poker comics, Profiling, Puns, random comics, rip offs of other people's comics, sam i am, star wars, Tales of the Oklahomo Kid, the christmas murders, what if nigger meant..., Woppy Burger



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Comments on mandingo

mandingohhh than felt goodRandomComicLayoutGuy04-12-16
thinks around corners that aren't even there!bigworm09-07-11
Is good. Is very good.ZMannZilla02-10-11
Deserves more starsLord_Vodek11-11-10
supercalifag­gotnig­ger expialijailra­pecheap_ass08-14-10
First comment of the new yearfour_legged_tripod01-05-10
I figured I rated you months agoTterb06-04-09
yo dawg i herd you like comics so i.. ah fuck ittheburninator04-21-09
Must vote genius up to 5 starsAylear03-25-09
Found wandering the streets of Skid Row, again.RCCOLAMAN03-10-09
Haha, Funny Comics.LittleRocker02-17-09
Makes me feel like a natural womanthemushroom11-25-08
I love these comics, I'm a fan!Beeko18010-28-08
Because Mandingo does mean awesome!Creature_From_Beyond08-25-08
Why not five stars?seanator07-30-08
Pretty funny for a sad clown. . .Shaneo3904-24-08
Added to favs... three alarm is hilarious! good stWaste_Of_A_Sniper03-24-08
Always funny and mostly brilliant!100Faces03-11-08
Funny stuff.kane274211-18-07
Will do until womandingo comes backchristopher7murphy11-16-07
Consistantly hilarious!Hatrix09-06-07
like the visual jokes bestDrMorton06-12-07
6,295.35% funnier than most greeting cards. FACTTheGovernor11-19-06
What if "mandingo" meant funny? Oh, it does!Xuanwu11-10-06
One of the best on SC.up4abeer11-07-06
Lord of the stripHumpenstein09-21-06
da bestestAngryAmerican09-20-06
I shamelessly begged my way into your favorites.crackpanther09-20-06
Much better than Dingoman by far.boloboffin08-31-06
Deserving of this good ratingThe_young_scot08-14-06
i like firm breasts and your comicsmattmallone08-03-06
Oh, the love is mutual. You better believe it.LuckyGuess01-27-06
Naughty funpita01-27-06
Complex, smart, makes me feel all funny inside.Twi_prime01-26-06
I want your baby, you sexy beast of 'teh funny'.Chuckaduck01-26-06
One dainty-ass maiden.theReverend01-19-06
Rocks like man, poops like DingoSmurph01-05-06
u r teh fucky!! FUNNY. Shit. Freudian slip.drawinger12-01-05
I'd wang him in the pooper.ArtemisStrong11-13-05
I wish I had thought of "I am Abe Vigoda, Bitch"Kaenash11-13-05
Man, that was a tasty dingo.Matchbook_Romance10-23-05
I havent rated the fagJESUSSANDWICH10-10-05
THIS KID WANTS ME... BAD.PhreakyChinchilla10-10-05
a man & a dingo fuck in a bar, comedy is bornSmarmulus10-08-05
i would have your moon-cheese babies.finn3409-23-05
Mandingo ate my baby.boorite09-18-05
Not as good as Dan MingoZimri09-16-05
I like you. No, I like you. No really. You. Yeah.squidrabies09-09-05
MY PEE PEE IS FOR SALE!flipynif109-06-05
half mand, half ingoumfumdisi08-16-05
"CHRIST GOD JESUS!"RedfeatheR08-15-05
Picard says "Fuck, uhh...Riker...some help?"jes_lawson07-28-05
Pleasure me, you ebony wench!Injokester07-22-05
I'm rating you good because I know you hate that.DragonXero07-14-05
Dares to be differentattitudechicka07-12-05
One of the most stunning rating comebacks everHari_Nezumi07-12-05
Joker's love slave.ivytheplant07-12-05
i gave you good!shank07-11-05
Oh man... the "What if nigger" series is great.mrpoop07-09-05
I have rated him without reading any of his stuffkramer_vs_kramer07-09-05
Made me "ha-ha"mmyers07-08-05
3/4 Mandin, 1/4 Go.suicide_king07-05-05
niteowl's comment made me laugh.Externalization07-04-05
Big Frank's comment made me laugh.niteowl07-03-05
He curdles my milk.KajunFirefly07-02-05
What can I say, Im giggling :)ftc06-27-05
Grows on you like genital wartslittle_kitty06-27-05
He gave me syphilherpes complex DHCRoyall06-22-05
MAX 300possums06-21-05
Gayly! You're flipping Gayly!matclarke06-20-05
i cried tears of hilarity after reading thisxxausrottenxx06-17-05
you crazy bastard, youcpausti06-16-05
Go Cubs Go! Go Cubs Go! Go Cubs Go!crabby06-16-05
As an Ethiopian orphan, even I see the funny sideandydougan06-16-05
I liked "Henry Sneed."biped06-14-05
June 11: a Day that Will Live in InfamyScyess06-14-05
Confound it, Mandingo! Be thou man or dingo?Zaster06-14-05
I like this son-of-a-bitch.UnknownEric06-14-05
Kitty's comment made me laugh.BigFrank10506-14-05
my new heroInflatable_Man06-13-05
So insulting that I rated him goodCowTipper06-12-05
I needs me some hot Mandingo lovechoadwarrior06-12-05
Very interesting...and it smells like wet goat.NooniePuuBunny06-12-05

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