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im 13 and my attitude is tattudied haha!!
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by mixon23
Trey puts his foot down and shows the stranger what hes made of.
No no no you must be mistaking dude cause this hear is the fax room. you all up in hear making all type of noise . how you get in hear anyway.
that aint nun of your concern whats her name , and i can do whatever i feel up in hear you heared me . cant nobody tell my nothing.
The names trey and i dont know how you got up in hear and now i dont care but you got to go , all up in here all we hear is "BOOM", BANG", PAW", you just up in here having you a ball arent you ?
wait sh sh man you dont see me ova here reading this letter my momma sent from her cell . aw man they extended her time cause the slapped almost everybody in there . now i got to go find my daddy.
"yeah get the steppen and dont forget your letter either whats her name "
The names Jay and belive me i wont . wish me luck Trey.
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