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im 13 and my attitude is tattudied haha!!
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by mixon23
Trey comes back to catch up with chris .
"So you figure out what that racket was man ?
yeah it was just some nonsense . this weired dude named jay somehow broke into the faxing room , then left cause somethings up with his moms "I dont know it goes on".
So how long you been working here dork about a year or so .
For your info its been two and call me another dork agian i dare ya, you should'nt even be talking Mr. my heads is as big as an bowling bowl so whatch yourself there Trey !
Well well well is little jay stepping up his game , i dont know but if you are Good Try Now teach me how to work theses computers because i was born with "Dyslexia" i really cant get it, its all new ?
Well isn't that an big surprise Im dealing a big talker ,a small thinker. well i'll let you handle that yourself Trey cause iv'e got alot of paper work to do and thats alot of paper work So Long !
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