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I flirt with brilliance but have sex with stupid.

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by mmyers
"You've got mail!"
Hey, an email from someone that I don't know. Phil Deming? Hmm. angelwings57, that sounds like a reasonable address. Maybe it's an old school chum. That sure is conveinent.
RE: Your MOTHER's Hideous Death!!! hdghgfgrhcbcfac
Ohmygod! The subject is RE: Your mother's hideous death. How horrible! Momma, no! I've got to pull myself together and try to read it. Got to be strong for momma. MOMMA!
"Now you can get all the pharmaceuticals you'll ever need by mail. Prozac, Viagra, Minoxodil, right in the comfort of your home. xxgsgdgcgytehja"
What does this have to do with my mom dying? And what happened at the end there? A seisure?Waitaminute, this was just some hoax to get me to read their spam. Damn you, SPAM, damn you straight to hell!
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