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I flirt with brilliance but have sex with stupid.

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by mmyers
Boy, I'm going to miss you, Captain Obvious. You've taken great care of us over the years.
Thanks, Obsequious Oscar, but times up and you should probably be going now.
Is there anything I can do for you to help out? You want me to sweep out the cells for you? I think that demon guy pooped in his and rubbed it on a calender.
Not neccessary, Oscar. I'll just be happy for you because you're free, albeit undeservedly.
This drafty prison air seems to be agreeing with you. Your skin looks great. Are you using a new shampoo, because it glistens in the little bit of light that gets in down here.
I'm going to turn around and walk toward the door in the hopes that you will follow me, forget that we are talking, and then continue walking away from me.
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