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I flirt with brilliance but have sex with stupid.

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by mmyers
Everything's $1
Aw crap, I'm going into labor. Helmut, I need to take a 15 minute break.
Hey, be a doll and restack that XMas figurine stand while you're having your baby, eh?
Tell us more, boinky.
There is a legend that if a Reg-donor and a n00b have a child, harmony shall be restored. There is also a legend that says if you hook up with me, you'll get lots of gold.
The Hospital
Gia, before you have our baby, I thought you should know that I made a comic strip on Stripcreator today.
But Nate, that makes you a...n00b. [contraction] [size=3][/size][/contraction] Oh, the baby is coming.
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