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I flirt with brilliance but have sex with stupid.

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by mmyers
*Pant**Pant* We've been running for the past 10 minutes and all it has done is get us deeper into this comicstrip.
Yes, it does seem as if there is only grey panel after the next, each one bringing us closer to almost certain evisceration, followed by being painfully violated in the last seconds of our lives.
Waitaminute, waitaminute, how do you know that the monster would do that?
Everyone has their own demons, Deuce, everyone has their own demons. I say we set up camp here and wait for the monster, maybe take him off guard.
The part I don't like about all of this is not knowing when the comic will end.
The part I don't like is the envitable nightmares that are sure to come tonight of being eviscerated and sodomized in the last living seconds of our lives.
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