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Expect there to be plenty of references to incest, necrophilia, demons, grossness and probably rather a lot of swearing, too. 3rd August: Necromancer's Bane is expanding into World of Darkness jokes and more general humour. Hey, I had to run out of necro jokes eventually, right? Click here to see me insult Kaufman and get my Limey, newbie arse kicked! First moment of fame... winning Contest 134, run by Scyess. And running contest 135. And all in my first week. Kewl beanz... Pax and I try our hands at tag-team. And fail.
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by mutsje2000
ThunderAngel found us again. He thinks we're 'pretty humorous actually'.
He needs punishing for gross understatement. I'd ask you what you'd want to do, but I know the answer already...
Fuck his putrified and maggot ridden, corpse until his eyes bug out and anal cavity collapses?
Every time you speak I'm shocked into silence...
It's a talent of mine.
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