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This is my Profile! There are many like it, but this one is mine! The series "Troy, Demonic Efficiency Consultant" actually begins with Corporate Psycho. I am a stand up comic as well. You can see my real identity by visiting . . . Um, I guess the url kinda kills the mystery.
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by naz_ghul
Rare videotape of Deuce's early career in the Royal Shakespeare Company . . .
Now is the winter of our discontent changed to the glorious summer of York . . .
Fuck seems to be having trouble memorizing his lines . . .
He rapps teh fukin . . . *bleep* Heh heh, I'm sorry, is it "Nales teh Fuckin Bich" or "Rapps teh Fukin' hoar?"
Ha ha ha! Okay, okay - let's try it again. Heh heh heh! I'm sorry, he keeps making that face! Okay, okay, for real this time. *ahem*
Things Get a little heated on the set of "TOBOR, the Cornhole slayer."
RAAAR! TOBOR WILL CORNHOLE . . . What the? Who the *bleep* is talking on the set over there?!
Seriously, guys, can we TRY to be *bleep* professionals here?!
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