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This is my Profile! There are many like it, but this one is mine! The series "Troy, Demonic Efficiency Consultant" actually begins with Corporate Psycho. I am a stand up comic as well. You can see my real identity by visiting . . . Um, I guess the url kinda kills the mystery.
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by naz_ghul
UNPROVOKED TROLL ATTACK: lose a turn stunned by stupidity.
OMFG! You assholes are so fugking gay! Like you're comicx are any better! You faggots suck dick! At least I can get laid unlike you fiucking grammer faggit geeks!
l337 SP34I<: Pubescent Teenager inadvertently opens portal to alternate universe by invoking eldritch Demigod. You must cross dress for three turns. Kajun is immune to this tile.
TAG TEAM CUP 4: Not getting the joke, you miraculously enter a completely compliant comic anyway. Move ahead five spaces and earn the jealous ire of everyone else.
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