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This is my Profile! There are many like it, but this one is mine! The series "Troy, Demonic Efficiency Consultant" actually begins with Corporate Psycho. I am a stand up comic as well. You can see my real identity by visiting . . . Um, I guess the url kinda kills the mystery.
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by naz_ghul
One dark night . . .
So, are those the undead minions you created? They're eating veggie burgers and drinking organic soy milk.
Yeah, apparently a busload of Phish groupies crashed here a few years ago.*sigh* This is fucking pathetic; in MY day zombies craved HUMAN flesh!
Will hippies ever realize how flammable patchouli is . . . Wait a minute, in YOUR day? You're twenty five years old. This IS your day!
Pardon me, dude. You wouldn't happen to have any organic honey for my latte, would you?
You know what, Jim? Fuck you.
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