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This is my Profile! There are many like it, but this one is mine! The series "Troy, Demonic Efficiency Consultant" actually begins with Corporate Psycho. I am a stand up comic as well. You can see my real identity by visiting . . . Um, I guess the url kinda kills the mystery.
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by naz_ghul
November 3rd, 2004. The United Churches, uh, States of America.
The Polls were roaring on the height, The Dems were moaning in the night. The map was red, it flaming spread; The states like torches blazed with light . . .
Welcome to our Theocracy! Please disengage your critical thinking apparatus! You don't need to see his qualifications! This is not the candidate you're looking for!
. . . The bells were ringing in the dale, And Dems looked up with faces pale; Bush’s ire, more fierce than fire, Laid low their hopes and dreams frail . . .
. . . The nation smoked beneath the moon; The Dems, they heard the tramp of doom. They fled their halls to dying fall, beneath his feet, beneath the moon.
*Gasp* Laura! I dreamt a bigoted, belligerent, brain-dead profiteer was elected president!
Don't worry sweetie, you were!
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