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My comics are a series of random events that have either happened or have sort of happened and are exaggerated or are just strangely made up. My storylines follow my main characters, the unnamed "Dude", Lester, the dude's girlfriend Kathy, and their strange companion, Clang the robot. Hope you enjoy what you read!
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by ookitarepanda
Why are you still doing this Bar Wars crap?
Come on dude, I'm just a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe.
Okay, that was retarded. How many people have even seen Attack of the Clones enough to know that line? Is this your effort to make people watch that ****?
Sometimes there are things no one can fix.
Great, you've just sent a bunch of nerds to IMDB to figure out what the hell you're saying.
I don't like sand.
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