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What are you looking at? Oh, my comics? My mistake...carry on.

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by punkrockskaboy
One week later:
Hey, it's me. I'm back. Can I pick up my car tonight or tomorrow?
Uhh, yeah...ya see, my wife had her baby on wednesday so I didn't have a whole lot of time to work on it. I sanded it down and it'll be done in a couple days.
A couple days go by...
I don't have your car done yet because I had some problems with my sprayer and my sander so I gotta figure it out before I get much further.
Oh...ok. I guess...
Friday...officially two weeks and one day after the car is dropped off...
How's my car coming?
I've got it sanded and primed! I am gonna paint it today and clear coat it tomorrow! It'll be all set to go by sunday!
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