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by retard
The story begins with Don Rickles standing alone in a field of wheat. Just him and his thoughts. Then he is suddenly surrounded by a herd of deadly ninja clones. Don Rickles stands his ground....
grasping his katana tight. Then one of the ninjas blinked and Don Rickles runs up to him at the speed of light and punches him so hard that everyone in Bosnia felt it. Then every single ninja clone...
comes running after Don Rickles, brandishing their many weapons and screaming like mad. But Don Rickles was way too powerful to be defeated by 500 blood-thristy murderers....
He kicked on ninja in the genitals so hard that his eyes popped out of his head, shot around the world and hit him right in the back of the head. It felt way too gross for him to continue so he left..
Then one ninja came at Mr. Rickles with a spinning kick of death, but Rickles blew his head up just by looking at him hard enough. After kicking after kicking rump for another 9 minutes, the ninjas...
fled and Don Rickles celebrated by treating himself to a moon pie and masturbating on a dead dog. And that's how the west was won. The End!
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