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by retard
I was watching a Family Matters marathon in my underpants when I was interupted by the sound of a bunch of German midgets practsing for cheerleading try-outs. "This can't be!" I told myself.
And with that, I filled water ballons with fire ants and hurled them at the German midgets who screamed in horrible pain. I began to dance in victory. But the German midgets used there heavy creams...
and they were as good as new. They were ****ed so they murdered my whole family for revenge. That meant war! I had a great plan to get back at them. I ordered a bunch of pizzas to their adress. When..
I saw the dumbfounded looks on their ugly faces, I laughed until I lost control of my bodily functions. Until I discovered that the German midgets accepted the pizzas with a smile and gobbled them up
like little piggies. Good thing I had a plan B: I topped the pizzas with Kill-German-Midget-Mushrooms, which were quite delicious (not to German midgets though) And in a matter of seconds....
all the German midgets were dead. Then I awoke in a cold sweat. It turned out to be a dream all along......Or was it?......Yes. Yes, it was.
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