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so hello everyone...i am telling you right now i am clinicly insane..yes...oh yes....insane..i have escaped from the mental isylum and if you tell on my i will find you once i break out again...there is no reason for those people to shoot me with a tranqulizer again....yes AGAIN!!! DAMMIT...those people who have just told must be vanquished...(in background: your coming with us..) oh ****!!
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by samus_aran
??? murderer!!!
*sigh* dammit that is the 5th girl that turned me down today....
i have advise for you...don't let it **** with your emotions...emotions are pointsless...death is are that?
that ninja sucks ass!! wait...what... i question my logic!
i believ that children are our future dammit happy new year!!!(insert evil laughter here)
wait wait make no sence at all you talk for christ's sake!!! i question this logic? happy new year it has not been happy at all....i still question your logic.!! For i am and ass!
*stand up comedy*
hippies...they are X RATED!!! except Christie she is a hippie goth like person...she be teh cooliez...damn internet speak.. so do you like hot sweaty monkey sex...
dude i got one word out of all that....monkey
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