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so hello everyone...i am telling you right now i am clinicly insane..yes...oh yes....insane..i have escaped from the mental isylum and if you tell on my i will find you once i break out again...there is no reason for those people to shoot me with a tranqulizer again....yes AGAIN!!! DAMMIT...those people who have just told must be vanquished...(in background: your coming with us..) oh ****!!
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by samus_aran
i have no time for love for i am a feciess throwing monkey!
what!! don't not in the face!! please!!
dammit not again!!
oww dammit the face boooooooooooooooooooooooooo you suck ernie... you slept wiht my kids...all 18 of them!
heheh my rumors spred...
how does a girl get props around here?
stupid little narortor she doesn't know we are props!
yeah i know
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