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well, let's see. i'm on the internet, so i must not be all together that intelligent, right? i'll be using this medium to pass on my views to the masses, to insult, to confuse...basically, whatever the hell i feel like. i'll try not to be *too* extreme in the above things, hopefully the easily offended *******s won't be too offended. but i'll take it as a compliment if they are. please be reminded that i am brand spanking new here, and am still getting my legs under me. there will be more, and better comics in the future. that is all.
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by satansdik
More Illegality.
I can't wait for this to be finished! Weeeeeeeeeeee!!
*downloading: Maximum Overdrive - The Director's Cut*
The Time Has Come.
*KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK* Hey! Open up! We know you're in there!!!
Okay, okay...jeeze...COMING!
Yes. They Are That Stupid.
Yes, I'm looking for...Uhhhh...Why are you hammering a nail into your skull?
Oh, I figured you were from RIAA, so I wanted to get onto the same wave length as you...Would you like a nail?
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