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Why is a slarty like a slarty desk?
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by slartyvsdesk
W... where am I? Is this heaven? Wow, I didn't expect so many trees.
This is not heaven. You are in my sanctuary, Tyranicus. I was able to call your soul back once the demon was destroyed.
Uh, thanks. You must be Ephesos then, since you are always the stock healer. ...Oh, the demon's gone! Were you able to save Aran?
Yes, Aran is resting now. Unfortunately, I was not able to call Slartucker back.
Slarty burnt up, too?! Well, why couldn't you revive him?
The demon was not able to take his soul -- he was writing this strip, thus was responsible for much filth. It seems he really did spontaneously combust!
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