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Govt Warning : Tobacco seriously enhances image. Dont allow children to
breathe your smoke as it will only make them look much more grown up and sophisticated.

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by smamurai
Hi there kid. I can see you're going through a lot of stuff right now. Trust me you are not weird. I'm Geoff and I'm a child-psychologist. If you just let me in I promise I can help ease your pain.
You can't help me, no-one can. The other kids call me weirdy-weirdy-weird-beard even though I have no facial hair. I'm scared and lonely and I'll never trust you.
Ok so I trust you now and I'm willing to tell you everything. I SEE DEAD PEOPLE. Ok can I go now? You won't be able to help me. You should stay away from me.
Now listen son I am not going anywhere. If you stick with me we can get you through this. I know you believe you can see dead people but I'll make you see that's just not possible.
I know in the script, at the end you're a ghost and everything but I really think wardrobe might have ****ed up a little with your outfit. I just think the sheet thing has ruined the twist a little.
It has a bit, hasn't it?
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