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Govt Warning : Tobacco seriously enhances image. Dont allow children to
breathe your smoke as it will only make them look much more grown up and sophisticated.

Here be comics

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by smamurai
This is your stewardess speaking. The pilots have been decapitated and the steering mechanism has locked. Are there any Pro-skateboarders on the plane?
I used to be Pro, before the incident. If only you saw the look on those mothers faces. I will never skateboard again.
I heard about that, it was a tough break. Kids died. But you used to be the best and now you have the chance to save some kids. Only you have the balancing skills to ride this plane down safely.
Damn *****! You is smokin gurl! Ok everybody take your seats and do exactly as I say. If I lean to the left or right try to copy my moves as best as you can. Woman, you best find someplace safe to sit
You did it Champ! A lot of people would like to say a big thanks to you, including me.
I feel like I can Pro-skate again. And now, if you would like to take that bra off and come over here....... I got me some babies to juggle.
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